<metaname="author"content="Braden Dubois"/>

<metaname="occupation"content="Software Developer"/>

<metaname="residence"content="Saskatchewan, Canada"/>


<h1>Braden Dubois</h1>


<p>I'm a software developer at Siemens EDA. I work on the Solido IPQA team (a.k.a. Solido Crosscheck, formerly Fractal Technologies / Crossfire) as a Product Developer.</p>

<p>During my time as a {computer science, philosophy} undergraduate student at the University of Saskatchewan, I was also a {student research, teaching, marking} assistant. I worked as a research assistant under the supervision of Dr. Eric Neufeld, primarily studying causal inference in statistics. I graduated in June 2022. During this time, I also completed a Certificate in Ethics, Justice, and Law.</p>

<p>Outside of work, I enjoy reading, physical activity such as rock climbing, and personal programming projects.</p>


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